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Publish Date : April 19, 2017 @ 9:00 am
Category : Decoration, Drinks, Planning

When having your wedding in the summer it is not all fun in the sun. There will be problems such as sticky bodies and dehydration. Here are a few options to consider for your summer wedding…



Hydration is the most important thing, for yourself but also for your guests. Make sure that you drink enough water throughout the whole day and especially before the ceremony starts, because after that, you will be in a day full of activities with everyone wanting your attention.

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Make use of fans and personalise these fans so they match your décor. If you’re on a budget you can turn the fans into an original wedding program this way you kill two birds with one stone.


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Outdoor ceremony

Choose the place where you are going to hold your ceremony wisely. When you are doing this outside, try to find a place that is in the shade. Another idea is to combine indoor and outdoor: you can for example have your ceremony outside and have the diner inside. And when the weather changes and goes from lovely sunshine to pouring rain you still have the option to move everything inside. When going for the ceremony in the sun, you could set up misting stations that can cool your guests down.

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Small items

Your guests and you are standing in the sun for a while during the ceremony, you feel the sun burning on your shoulders and suddenly you are as red as a lobster! Keep in mind to put on sunscreen once in a while. You can even make some cute stationary where your guests can grab a sunscreen.


Give your guests sunglasses! By giving them sunglasses they can enjoy the whole ceremony instead of looking at your silhouette because of the sun shining in their eyes. You can even customize these glasses with your names and date on it. Another idea is handing out parasols, which you can of course also customize the way you want and let them match the décor.


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Bride and groom

So you kept your guests cool, but you are still struggling with those sweat marks in your suit and wedding dress, nobody told you that wedding dresses can be really hot. Use lighter fabrics that make it easier to let the air breath through; this also counts for tuxedos. Putting your skincare products in the fridge a day before the wedding will help you literally cool down when you put these products on. You can also mist your body with a spray that contains peppermint. There are many products that can reduce you sweating. There is even a deodorant for your face on the market!


After putting all these products on, you start with your makeup. Do not forget to choose your make up wisely. Stay away from liquid makeup and go for the powder variant. Liquid makeup will melt off your face and powder will save you a few bathroom trips to fix up your makeup. You should not only think or your makeup, but your hair as well. Instead of choosing for those long curls that go down and will hang on your neck, you can choose to tie your hair up.


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In next week’s blog we will explain different ways of refreshments and replenishments.

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