Sarah did a brilliant job of organizing our wedding. She gave a lot of personal service, from accompanying me to the hairdresser and make-up, from accompanying me to the hairdresser and make-up salon, to trying to locate someone who knew how to tie a real bowtie. She was helpful with seating arrangements, floral placement and all the small details I had never even considered. The venue itself (Selmun Castle) was spectacular and beautifully decorated with flowers and candles. The food was excellent. One of the highlights was the Justice of the Peace that Sarah arranged – she was one of the best speakers I’ve heard at a wedding. She managed to speak movingly, yet avoid all clichés as well as cover all the legal requirements. In retrospect, I’m so pleased we decided to go with Malta and not Italy or France; I don’t think a non-native English speaker could have done such a fabulous job. Sarah herself is a joy to work with, and her lovely personality mean that she attracts the best vendors and they are all extremely helpful and accommodating. Sarah’s status as the first wedding coordinator in Malta was clearly apparent – she knows everyone and focuses on weddings only, she isn’t a tour coordinator who arranges weddings on the side. Not only was Sarah helpful throughout the wedding, but she continued to help us make last minute changes to hotels, etc. while we were on our honeymoon. Sarah definitely extended herself beyond what I expected from a wedding coordinator and made the wedding process remarkably worry free. Even with the services of a wedding coordinator, our wedding in Malta was at least half the cost of a comparable wedding in the US or UK.