To Sarah & the Team,

Matthew & I would like to send our gratitude for being so amazing throughout our wedding journey. Yourself and the team were fantastic from the very first email, to sending me up the aisle on our amazing wedding day. You were always just an email away and always replied so promptly, giving us everything we asked, even down to the petty little questions and requests we made with no problems and always with reassurance and honest advice. Groomzilla sends his love by the way! Think he misses your emails!

My mum wanted to let you know, she sends her thanks for taking the time to show her around the venue just before the wedding so she could see all the bits she made in all their glory! It meant a lot to her and she is every so grateful so thank you.

We also like to thank Victoria for keeping Matthews nerves under control on the day, looking after all our guests and organising us after the ceremony, when we were too excited to organise ourselves! Our registrar was so lovely, Amanda did a beautiful service for us and made it feel so intimate and personal, thank you.

Our day was so beautiful & perfect. I knew Matthew can be a perfectionist but you take it to another level, which is such a reassuring fact on our special day. Everything you and the team have been involved with has been over and beyond our expectations, even down to how the flowers match perfectly to the pictures I sent, they were just perfect! All of the vendors you use are incredible, the venue & food, photographer, florist, DJ (Tony Tony), & photo booth all amazing and all so friendly please send our gratitude to them all, as our day would of not been the same without them.

A finally thanks for our lovely present so pretty and a wonderful reminder of you all and Malta.

Thank you Sarah and team,

Lots of love and gratitude

The newlyweds!

Matthew and Alexandra

x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x