Dearest Sarah,


Matthew and I would love to thank you immensely for your hard work leading up to our magical day however we are not sure from where to start…


Well here it goes…


Back in August when we sent you our initial email I was quite skeptical (like most brides – I must admit) however the minute I spooled to Uncle Ray about you, our train of though changed completely – and boy we are glad it did! In September you managed to organise our engagement party from beginning to end within the space of 2 hours and the engagement party was only the beginning of a massive roller coaster ride with you in tow! Everything about the party was amazing and for someone to organise such a wonderful party within 2 hours is miraculous!


We have learnt that with you everything is possible – where there is a will there is definitely a way!


Our wedding wouldn’t have been what it was had we not worked with you. The whole day (and everything in-between) was executed to perfection and you gave us the most magical day of our lives! You oversaw every single miniscule detail which anyone without a fraction of your experience would overlook. Everything about our wedding was awe-inspiring, spectacular and stunning. You gave us a wonderful day which we will carry in our memories for a lifetime!


The church was decorated to perfection and the reception looked like an enchanted fairytale!! The decorations and the set up were out of this world and it is definitely something which we never thought could happen but you made it happen! We are still star stuck by what you managed to achieve!!


Our guests are still amazed by the beautiful set up which you envisioned, we are still lost for words with how everything was organised. People commended us for the organization – which without you would probably be non-existent…


Whatever issues (bright ideas) we had you and your team managed to tackle with class and dedication, which says quite a lot when such massive life events are being seen to!


You were there with us throughout this journey until the very end…and probably a little bit more and we cannot even begin to thank you enough for this!


Another thank you also goes to Michelle and the team who are constantly working hard to support you and us as your clients!


Thank you once again!!

Corinne & Matthew