Hi Guys, well Mel and I are in Italy now enjoying the food, wine and sun. I have to say everyone has been talking about the wedding, the venue, flowers, how nice the band and the singer where (both in the church and at the venue), fireworks etc. Perfect!

Our day was filled with fantastic memories! Family, lovely music, great weather, fantastic food and wine. Perfect! A memory that will stick with me for life is looking at my new wife as our first dance was ending and the fireworks went off, her face was filled with Joy and happiness her eyes welled up and and she turned and kissed me.

Ladies, Vicky and Sarah, Mel and I thank you from the bottom of our heart. You helped make our day a perfect day to start our Life together. I can only imagine what goes on in the back-round to organise such an event. Vicky, how good where those fireworks! perfectly timed! and from the roof! such a lovely surprise…I forgot about them! Everything was perfect.

Thanks ladies you are on top of the game for a reason. Whatever you are doing, you are doing it right! Keep it up! you make a great team.

Cory and Mel


Message from the Groom’s Mother: 

Hi Sarah, Vicky and all involved in the planning of Cory and Melissa‘s wedding.  It was beautiful, romantic and magical.  Everyone had a great time.  The location and venue was superb and I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your part in the occasion.

Patricia Deakin