Email received on the 12th of July 2009 from the Bride & Groom

“We want to thank you and your team for all your hard work and patience and for making our wedding so special! Everything was perfect on the day. We have been receiving countless emails, messages and phone calls from our guests telling us how well organized everything was and how much they enjoyed the day! James and Dana ”
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Lots of love from both of us
Email received on the 13th of August 2009 from the mother of the Bride – Mrs. Joumana Azar
How are you?  And your lovely son Jerome?   Have you recovered from the wedding of the Scicluna-Azar?   It was lovely, and you were great, I know I said thank you but I want to say it again, you were fantastic on the wedding day, you were everywhere and looked after all the details and continued to seek me out and inform me.  Thank you very much for all the work and dedication and patience and we had a fantastic wedding. The same goes for you assistant and my thanks to her and to your group.

Every body was impressed with all the details, how smooth every thing went from the transportation to the church, the decoration of the church, the white carpet, the transportation to the Palazzo, the Palazzo itself, the garden setting and the perfection of the food, all were impressed that they got their food at the right temperature.  So thank you again for being there with us and for all the work.  I hope you will continue to develop and prosper in your work, it is a demanding job but at least it is work for a happy occasion unless you end up with a terrible couple (as in the TV program).
Both the Maltese and the Lebanese continued to talk about the wedding for sometime, It was a sensation here with the returning group, they loved Malta, the hotel, all the tours that were arranged for them and what they called “classy” wedding.   The Lebanese group that attended the wedding is composed of several groups, half the group did not know the other half, now they have become friends and we had several gatherings for dinner with most of the people attending.  Photos and video films taken by individuals were exchanged and we had one gathering where all the photos were shown.
Best wishes to you and your family and all our love.

Joumana Azar