Hello there Sarah, It`s Edweena here, your very laid back bride from Ireland. Hopefully the Wedding season has calmed down a bit for you and you can have a well-deserved break. I never got round to giving my opinion of my whole experience so here goes… How could anyone have nothing but a high opinion of Sarah Young, by far Malta`s most superb Wedding Planner. A friend recommended Sarah to me. I wanted a hassle free wedding, in a warm climate, in a beautiful location, where my guests would have more than a wedding to look forward to. Sarah provided all of that. From the minute I spoke to Sarah on the telephone I felt that everything was going to be just perfect…and it was more than that. As a mother of two very young children my time was consumed with them and I had very little time to travel to Malta to make arrangements for our Big Day! Sarah was only fantastic. She took the stress and headache out of all the planning I would have had to do.

Had our wedding on the grounds of the ……., in the highly recommended restaurant. It was just perfect. From the red carpet to the beautiful sea view it was a picture made in Heaven. As the Registrar worded everything so romantically I remember thinking to myself, you couldn`t get any better than this. As the violin played while the sun was going down we sipped our Champagne and toasted our guests who were so taken back by the romantic atmosphere. While we quietly slipped away to have our Photos taken I remember how great Sarah was. She took our kids by the hand and lead them down to the water front and when the photographer had taken enough photos of them she took them back to our guests. She was that caring that I didn`t even have to worry about my own kids. And she provided all the kids with colouring packs so they would not get bored. These are the little things that make for a very special wedding planner. And I cannot praise enough the Hairdresser Rose. She was superb.

Rose was that caring that she came to my honey-room suite to make sure my hair looked perfect just before I left. She also took some time to fuss over my little girls hair, and made them feel so special. I also had my own make-up artist throughout the evening. She is Sarah`s assistant and is a highly qualified make-up artist. She was there to top-up my makeup and not the one to boast she made me look so natural. Having had the finest food on the island, our very professional photographer and videographer took their final few shots and left for the night. Then the band started playing…and the rest is history!! A wedding is not an easy thing to arrange, let alone one abroad. But if it was allowed, I would get married every year if I thought I could have Sarah plan it all for me…of course it would be to the same man!!! Thank you again Sarah. My experience with you was only fantastic. Many many best wishes, Edweena and Darren, Co.Meath Ireland.