Email received on 23rd July 2012

Sarah, Lisa and the team,

From our initial contact back in April 2011 – the professionalism, experience, honesty and constant quick-responsiveness from you and your team blew us away !!   Our wedding was everything we dreamed of and more !!

We couldn’t have asked for anything more – from Lisa being our personal chauffeur every time we came to visit to you sourcing so much for us from the fireworks and amazing DJ, to even getting us a personal Granita stand for outside the church !  The recommendation of the amazing, exclusive boat trip a couple of days before the wedding with all our guests was such a memorable and enjoyable day which we will also never forget.

We never had to go through the stress you hear other couples going through as you took care of everything !!  We really appreciate all you, Lisa and your team have done for us.  We are still on a high from the wedding day and week and know that we will always be friends and can’t wait to come back to Malta.

Thank You card received on 13th November 2012

Dear Sarah, Lisa & Co – thank you for being part of our special day!

Thank you so much for creating the most wonderful day of our lives – we will never forget it or you all ! We’re so glad you are now both dear friends of ours and would love to see you both again sometime ! Keep doing what you do as you are fantastic at it !!

Lots of Love, Mark & Irene xxx