The great planning that helped keep our minds at ease and allowed him go jet skiing the morning of the wedding; The professionalism of the Hairdressers and Karen`s tasteful make up; The beautiful flowers in both the Cathedral and the reception; The service by the father. For a priest we only met that week, he was amazingly open and very friendly. Hopefully our speeches didn`t bore him too much at the reception meal. Your patience with us around the meal when the speeches delayed the start. Our fathers are renowned for going on a bit. The meal which everyone commented on and some felt was almost too good for a wedding!! The DJ who saved the day when CD`s Eric brought over wouldn`t play and he had everything on hand. Everyone danced until their feet were sore. The staff at the hotel all week, but particularly on the night of the wedding. They made everything go so smoothly. We`ve checked the photos and they are perfect for developing in large prints. Can we just add that the quality of the photos are exceptional. We`ve seen photos from other weddings here in Ireland, and the quality would not be anywhere that produced by the photographer. We have finally settled back into life at home and we`re still reminiscing on the week in Malta, and in particular the wedding day.

We can`t even begin to thank you for the making it the most amazing day of our lives. From start to finish you were both unbelievably organised and efficient, which made it so easy for us to be relaxed and enjoy every moment. All our families and friends have not stopped talking about the day (and indeed the week). In their praise for the day both your names are always mentioned. They could not believe the level of professionalism and efficiency. Obviously we knew from our very first correspondence with you Sarah that we were so lucky to have come across you and your services. However we were still both blown away by the way everything was dealt with running up to, and on the day. The day turned out to be so much more than we were even hoping for. We will be forever thankful to you both for the memories we have. We are more than happy to recommend your company to friends and acquaintances or indeed anyone who mentions their wedding to us.

Eric`s Dad, Don Hennessy was so impressed with you both that he would like to extend the following invitation: He works as a marriage counsellor with an agency that also organise pre-marriage courses for newly engaged couples. Every year hundreds of couples come to their offices looking for information regarding these courses. Don would like to know if you would be interested in sending him an advertisement of your services which he would display either in the office area or on the agency`s website.

Thank you both so much for your beautiful gift. We really weren`t expecting anything from you; it was so kind of you. Karen, thank you so much for doing my make-up; everyone commented on how natural it looked and the photos reflect that also.