Dearest Sarah & Lisa,

I have no way of explaining how grateful I am to you both for yesterday, it was absolutely perfect.  From the minute I got up in the morning I was looked after.

Joan and I had a wonderful time getting our hair done. (I’m afraid I can’t remember anyone’s names so I’ll have to refer to them by what they did instead!)  The hairdresser did Joan’s hair 3 times before Joan was happy and she did an amazing job.  I loved mine too, which she only had to do the once!  I wasn’t at all sure what I wanted and she just took me under her wing and it suited perfectly.  I was so pleased.

Romina also did a wonderful job on my make up, I wasn’t sure on Friday when she did it first but she took everything I said and on the day it was absolutely perfect.  I looked like a way better version of me!  She also did a fantastic job on Joan, we were both delighted.

The photographer was amazing; he put me straight at my ease, really fantastic guy.  I hope the photos turn out as well as he said they were!  But he was incredible, I barely noticed him once the posed pictures were out of the way and that’s exactly how I wanted it.

The flowers were perfect, I loved them, it’s a pity I can’t bring them home with me, I could imagine trying to get them into my luggage though!

I can see why the registrar is so popular, she was very nice.  So well spoken and the fact that she had tissues ready if I broke down, very well prepared!    I’m actually shocked I managed to keep from bawling like a baby.

The meal was brilliant too; all the guests were very impressed.  It was all perfect and by the time the date cakes came out, they were all unbuttoning their clothes to fit more.  There was one guy in particular there, Martin, at the end of the evening we had to transport my Dad back to the hotel; he had forgotten to take his tablets and was very unsteady after all the sitting.

We tried to get the hotel car to come over but there wasn’t one available.  Without hesitation, Martin got his own car and brought Dad around to the front, it was amazing.  We were all so grateful, my sister had to meet Dad at the front door with a wheel chair because he was quite bad, so I don’t know what we would have done without Martin.  A true hero.  I would really appreciate it if you would pass on our appreciation to the venue Management.

And finally to both of you, I don’t think there was any way that I could have planned this without you, you were truly fantastic.  You made the day the most wonderful of my life.  Dar and I couldn’t have been more pleased with how everything turned out.  And the gift was beautiful; I shall find the perfect place for it when I get home.

Again, I don’t know how I can express how grateful we are.  There aren’t enough words in the world.  You are amazing.

Thank you so much
Kate & Darren