Dear Sarah and Lisa,

Hoping you are both well? We have now been back home one week and settling back to routine.  Weather here in Ireland is so grey and dull in comparison to Sunny Malta!

We want to sincerely thank you for the outstanding and professional service you provided to make our wedding  a memory to treasure.  The evidence is in the fantastic CD of photographs we have now installed on a digital photo frame.  Each of the services you provided for us were outstanding – the wedding car, the beautiful choir in the church, the flowers, the wedding cake, the music during the reception and the service, presentation and quality of the food at each of the events.  We wish to pay tribute to Fr. Tony for the beautiful Mass he celebrated, the welcome and warmth he extended to everyone   All of the guests really enjoyed each of the events, the BBQ, the Wedding and the Boat trip. Many guests have commented to us it was the best wedding they have ever attended or the best holiday they have experienced, considering it was the first visit to Malta for most of the guests.

Kathleen and Gerard
Email received on the 20th of August from the Bride & Groom

Our Malta Wedding Experience – July 2010

When we began our Wedding Adventure over a year ago we set out to design our perfect day.  We began this “Tapestry of our Wedding” hoping that our dreams and plans would be possible to fulfil.

We chose Malta, or rather Malta chose us. We were caught up in the unspoilt beauty, the friendliness, the natural beauty of its places and people and decided that this would be a marvellous backdrop for the Tapestry.

We found in Malta many rare and beautiful gems that could best express our dreams but we were most fortunate to discover two of Malta’s rarest gems from the very beginning.  We met with Sarah and Lisa from Sarah Young, Wedding Planner. Malta

Their warm friendship was evident from the start and soon we realised that this dream was going to come true. They opened up ideas and colours that we could not have even imagined and what was more important was the quite assurance from them both that whatever we decided would be possible.

Thanks to their devotion and their true professionalism our plans began to take shape and the brilliant colours we were searching for were now on our palette to be used in our Tapestry.

Even though we were well aware that both Sarah & Lisa were very busy, we felt right through the experience that we had exclusive access to them.  All the Legal paperwork which can be so difficult to process and follow was dealt with so efficiently as to create a sense of total security and faith in them.  We were shown every possible option regarding location of the wedding and available services.  Each visit we took to sample these found Sarah & Lisa willing to be there for us.  This “Local” knowledge of Malta is an essential ingredient in the Tapestry and so we searched with them for our dream scene and we eventually chose Mellieha as the venue for our wedding.

Soon every brush stroke on our Tapestry was expertly put in place and was so carefully planned by both Sarah & Lisa. Church Ceremony including Celebrant and choir, Wedding Venue and Celebration Meal, Accommodations for guests, Other Events to make the experience more memorable for our guests, Entertainment, Flowers, Cake, Wedding Transport, Photographer even down to that all important “Special” pampering for the bride were all put in place and given their place in the tapestry.  Everything we wanted was possible to them.

Their devotion to our dream never wavered as can be witnessed by the mass e-mailings we had with them. Every little problem was dealt with as if it were the most important thing ever.  Their enthusiasm kept us going and soon it so infused us that we knew that in the hands of these two loving people we were going to be able to unveil our Tapestry to our guests and we knew that everything, every little detail was covered and so every colour in the Tapestry was going to be the richest it could be and the end result was truly going to be a memorable masterpiece; one we would remember for the rest of our lives and the colours were not going to fade or dim with the passing of time because we and they had chosen very well.

Our Tapestry was framed so beautifully in Mellieha on the 25th of July 2010 in most beautiful ceremony celebrated by Fr. Tony; a gift we will always be indebted to Sarah & Lisa for. If we thought the Tapestry was rich, this frame was so ornate, so full of love and a feeling for the “Special Day” that it left our guests a lasting feeling of “I was so glad to be there”.

Everything went so well; a testimony to the tireless work of Sarah & Lisa. Our guests viewed our “Tapestry” and now that we are back in Ireland they still feel as if they are living that day all over again because the “Colour” never fades.

Thank you Sarah, thank you Lisa, you have made our dream come true and as we said in Malta; we appreciate your friendship and your love for us both and we assure you of our never-ending friendship and love for the both of you. You have made us so very happy and we are so delighted to have discovered the real “Gems” of Malta in a country so rich and rare and so welcoming.

Kathleen Geaney & Gerard O’Sullivan