Good Morning Sarah,  I do hope this email finds you well.

I am sorry its taken this long to thank you in writing, but I really wanted to take the time and sit down and put pen to paper(so to speak!) in order to fully express our gratitude to you and your team.

Despite our very initial plan to have a quiet intimate beach wedding with just close family and friends, yes I know … 90 people was not quite the small crowd we envisaged – but wow what an afternoon !   Thank you so much.  And an extra special bottom of the heart thank you for making the dream come true to be married on the sand in flip flops … a fairy tale dream of both the bride and groom.

I know all of our guests were absolutely blown away not only, with the view the venue offered and the sumptuous buffet they were presented with, but also by the way in which the day went, how slick and organised everything was.  That is something only you and your team can take credit for Sarah.  In fact the only complaints we have had was that the wedding was over far too quickly, personally I think that’s a great complaint – always fantastic to have people not wanting to leave.  Maybe with the wonders of hindsight we should have paid to go on another hour – but where does one draw the line !!!

Sarah, I would like to make a special mention about the hotel.  Our room was absolutely perfect – the fact that we could set Alyssia up in the living room in her cot meant that she got a full nights sleep every night ! There are not enough thank you’s to convey how welcomed that was!!

Also the staff there were totally amazing – there were quite a number of my family and friends who booked this hotel and they were all in agreement of how helpful and professional the staff were and the facilities and food etc were fantastic.  Personally the treatment from them by far outweighed those at the other hotel we lodged in and I know for a fact that everyone of my guests who stayed there would return to the hotel.  You Sarah you made that happen for us…we will forever be grateful for that!

When John mentioned the idea of having a wedding co-ordinator I thought it was a frivolous expense, but Sarah you and your team proved me so, so wrong on many levels – there is no way one can organise a wedding from abroad without your assistance – completely invaluable, from the legal aspect as well as the designing of the day(flowers etc) … the fact that I know without a shadow of a doubt that I am legally married is such a comfort after reading some of the horror stories that are out there … and the Registrar was amazing, please please convey that on our behalf.  The reading that she gave was so perfect and heartfelt that we couldn’t have picked a better one ourselves.

I know this email may read a tad gushy, but genuinely Sarah, we could not have achieved even a quarter of it without you, your help and experience.  You provided us with a day so memorable for such wonderful reasons that I never wanted the day to end, you gave us our fairytale wedding that both of us have always wanted – so thank you so much Sarah.

With the fondest of regards,