Dearest Sarah, My fab friend & My fantastic WEDDING PLANNER,

I know I have already mentioned how great you have been to us both but I just wanted to send you a quick email to let you know how much I really appreciated everything you did. When Daniel & I decided to get married in Malta my only fear was that I would have little control over the wedding, seeing it was in Malta and not in Ireland. I was far from wrong when thinking this.Sarah, from the moment I met you I knew we were going to get along. During our preparations, which seems so long ago now, you were simply amazing, all our requests were answered, all our needs met and most importantly you let us do as we pleased. I loved the fact the when asked your opinion you gave an honest answer. I am sure there were some things along the way that you didn’t agree with or you wouldn’t have had in such a way yourself, however, you constantly reminded us that it was our wedding, this really meant a lot to me Sarah.

I am not going to go into detail but you really went over and above for our wedding, the discounts, the hassles and all the rest…………. I am certain you are glad its all over. I’m glad its over in a way as now when I go to Malta I will enjoy it better however there is a part of me that is sad that all the planning is over.  Don’t get me wrong, I would never want to plan another wedding for myself…… or Would I want to deal with these suppliers all the time. LOL I do not know how you do it and do it so well in your case. You are honestly fantastic at what you do Sarah, it amazed me on how you managed to get some stuff organised, really amazing. Your professionalism and love for the job shows, never let that go.  You’ve built a great reputation for yourself and your business and its all down to hard work and your dedication, you should be very proud of yourself. May your business have many more successful years ahead.

Anyway, just wanted to write you a wee note!

Love always
Paula xxxx