Hi Sarah,


Apologies for not writing this to you earlier but between Sunday and Monday we were taken up with sorting out the last few pending items for our honeymoon. We are now relaxed in Dubai in transit to Vietman .


A very big well done to you and your team; trust us, we had no doubt about your capabilities but to be as frank with you as can be, there were people who before the wedding had told us that getting a wedding planner was a whimsical luxury – by the end of it they took back what they said and actually sought us to tell us what a great job you and your team were doing on the day. Without making too many scenes you discretely led the whole process to a great wedding, which from the feedback we’re receiving, everyone (literally) enjoyed and were in awe of the whole scene / setting.


That’s just what other people saw; on the day Andrei and myself were relaxed enough to enjoy our wedding with our guests with the peace of mind of someone who knew that there was somebody else flawlessly handling the whole process. From what we hear, few couples actually manage to enjoy their own wedding.


Thanks again to you and your team, not least Michelle.



Ruth and Andrei