Hi Sarah, hope you and your team are well.  Now that we have returned to normality at home, I would just like to thank you and Lisa from the bottom of our hearts for helping to make our day as special as it was.

We absolutely loved every minute of our day, quite simply because you and your team had everything under control and we just had to make sure we turned up looking good.  It seems quite strange that we haven’t been in touch for a few weeks now seeing as how over the past 6 months or so we seemed to be in constant contact with each other. On that note we would like to apologise again for contacting you late in the evenings or even over weekends, we honestly weren’t expecting replies almost immediately.  We were thinking that you would pick the emails up the next working day, so sorry but thank you it really put us at ease knowing that you were always on top of our day.

I can honestly say I was the calmest bride and Ross the calmest groom Malta has seen simply because we knew that you had everything organised for us from day one. The only worry we had on the day was the weather but thankfully everything turned out for the best, I’m even sure you had something to do with making sure the sun came out for us.  We couldn’t be happier that we chose to go abroad for our wedding, it was a bit of a gamble on our behalf as neither of us had ever been abroad for a wedding like this before.

Both Ross and I were blown away by the venue and the meal which was served to us, as were all our guests they were still going on about how good the meal was a week after the wedding.  Brian, the events manager at our venue, was brilliant.  He did absolutely everything he could to make sure that all our wedding party were happy.

We look at the photographs which our photographer took everyday and it brings back such brilliant memories of our day and our time in Malta.  The photographer was brilliant.  We didn’t notice him taking many photos of us and our guests and his photographic style was brilliant.  It was a massive surprise when you rang us the next day to tell us that you had our photos already.

A special thanks needs to go to our Registrar, if you would please pass on our thanks on to her as we didn’t get to meet her after the ceremony had ended.  When Lisa first brought us to see her days before the wedding, she was unbelievably warm and friendly towards us and she helped us relax even further if it was possible.

If anyone we know is even thinking of getting married abroad we will definitely be handing over your details even before they can ask for them, you have made sure our day was exactly what we wanted it to be and for that we are very grateful.

Hope to hear from you in the near future,

Shaunagh & Ross

PS:  thank you very much for your kind gift and card, we really appreciated it.