We came back home on Sunday took a day’s rest trying to get back to normal life again.

I have been to many weddings around the world but without trying to brag because it was our sons wedding but truly it was the most Romantic, Exceptional, Superb, Most organized wedding.

The Registrar was superb, professional and beautiful. It took a lot of work, record email exchange but this is what it takes to achieve a wedding like this.

I can only THANK YOU for your patience and professionalism.

Any references needed for future weddings please do not hesitate to call any of us, or any of our guests they were just surprised with the flow of the events.

The Castle is superb and please tell the staff they did a great job.

The wedding was from start to finish an amazing event.
You made our son the happiest man, and our new daughter to have a fairy tale wedding.

Thank you Sarah, God Bless you.