i Sarah !!   I cant believe its all over 🙁 What a wedding, Lewis’s grandad said in his 80 years it was the best wedding he has ever been too and we are getting messages from friends who didnt come saying that they have heard it was a wedding on a completly different level and like a fairytale!!   Everyone is still talking about it and gutted it’s over –  it was better then perfect.  We are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO thrilled !!!!!!!

Missing Malta loads but we will be back next year for a drink 🙂
Lotsa thanks and love
Sophie and Lewis Ball 🙂 xxx

(Email received on 7th June 2011)

Dear Sarah,

I wanted to send you the below in case you wanted it for your website.  I feel emotional after writing it now!
It has been almost three months since our wedding day and when I close my eyes I can still picture every detail and remember every emotion I felt on what was, without a doubt, the most special, romantic and memorable day of my life. We always thought we wanted to get married abroad, a beautiful individual location for a small wedding , but we were slightly concerned about the logistics of it.  How would we manage to have the wedding of our dreams, without sacrificing the personal touches, the detail we visualised and not get stressed before the big day we wondered?  Then we met Sarah Young.
It all started back in October 2009 when shortly after we got engaged Lewis and I were due to go to Malta anyway. I googled wedding planners in Malta and Sarah Young appeared to come out on top so we arranged to meet her and for her to show us three venues.   Any concerns we may have had about Sarah’s reputation were put to rest very quickly as she had an huge article in the Air Malta in flight magazine!
When we met Sarah I knew instantly we would get on.  She was so professional, honest and enthusiastic. I knew our wedding would be safe in her hands.  And it was.  When we saw the third venue,  we knew this was the venue we were going to have our wedding day at. It was without question the most romantic, serene, enchanting place I had seen in my life.  It felt grand yet intimate, the perfect venue for us.  From the day we booked the venue through to the wedding day Sarah and Lisa were amazing.

I was warned that it would be a stressful process organising my wedding day, however it was nothing but pleasure.  Every time I contacted Sarah with a request, her response was always “no problem”. I joked that she was my fairy godmother, however she really was.   Due to Sarah’s experience she was able to recommend so much. She had all the contacts, so I didn’t have to research anything like the band, the violinist, seamstress, hairdresser, makeup artist, the florist etc. Sarah even hired us swans for the day!  All the touches which made the fairytale wedding we could only have dreamt of.  All we needed to do was think about the smaller details and any personal touches such as what to have for the centre pieces, name cards, venue accessories, invitations, our vows, music etc.  As my mother described it, all the fun things.
We were lucky enough to go to Malta a few times before our wedding day to take some things over for the wedding day, however I have no doubt we could have arrived for the wedding only and everything would have gone as smoothly as it had.   Lisa was brilliant managing all the guests hotel bookings and a boat trip around the island for after the wedding which went down famously as it was another chance for everyone to get together.
We also wanted to arrange a bbq for all the guests before the wedding as a “thank you for coming”, and to act as a “dress rehearsal” for the wedding, so Lewis and I could spend time catching up with our guests before the wedding day as we were fortunate to have over 50 guests come. Sarah recommended a lovely venue which overlooks a bay and a stunning church.  The food was, and I quote from several guests “the best bbq food I had ever tasted”.  The venue was immaculate, trendy and the staff were fantastic.  The guests told us they thought it was an amazing venue and if this was the venue for the bbq they couldn’t wait to see where we were getting married as they didn’t think anywhere could top it.
We didn’t tell the guests where we were getting married, we arranged for a coach to collect them all and take them to the venue which meant  there was much excitement and anticipation on the morning of the wedding (according to the groom!).  My hair and makeup was done flawlessly and the flowers and the cars arrived perfectly on time and the sun was shining so I was very relaxed on the drive to the venue.  When I arrived at the venue, it was incredible, a red carpet to the door and beautifully decorated, better then we could have wished for and we cannot thank the team enough as I know they spent hours setting it all up to which we are extremely grateful for.
Now came one of my favourite parts of the day.  Sarah set my bridesmaids off down the long winding path in the garden which was the aisle, then it was mine and my Father’s turn.  We walked through the iron gates, down the steps, through a winding path which opened up to a stunning large pond (with the swans on!) and the civil ceremony area on the left hand side.  The area was a marquee style set up with white drapes down the side columns and a cream carpet.  It was a slightly windy day so the drapes were billowing in the wind so could get glimpses of Lewis looking at me walking down the aisle.   We walked to Dese’ree Kissing You, from Romeo and Juliet, all the guests appeared to be in tears and all I could do was smile.  This was the defining moment when I knew more then ever, the venue was the best venue for us in the world !
The rest of the day was perfect. There is no other word to describe it. The ceremony was beautiful and we appreciated the registrar letting us have some readings and for us say our own vows.  After the ceremony, accompanied by a single violinist we had champagne and cut the wedding cake and we had the treasured photo of us cutting the cake with confetti being thrown on us in the sunshine.
Canapés followed whilst we had the formal photos which happened at a lovely pace. We didn’t want to spend too long having photos taken as we know they can sometimes disjoint the day if  hours are spent on photos so we had the standard family, wedding party, parents etc photos which were great. Following the drinks and canapés the guests were asked to move to the Villa for the reception whilst Lewis and I stayed back and had photos of just us two.  I look back at these photos now and I can’t believe they are from our wedding day. It looks like a movie, a fairytale.  I can honestly say I still look at our photos most days as the photographer did such an amazing job I smile when I look at them.
The food was divine and the “free bar” went down a storm.  None of the alcohol ran out considering our guests got through a serious amount of it!  The band were absolutely fantastic and all the songs they did were great. One of my favourites was the first song after our first dance, Black eyes peas, “Tonight’s gonna be a good night”.  Everyone was dancing and Lewis and I looked around getting nods of approval from all our loved ones on the dance floor as they knew tonight would be a good night.  It was amazing.  Later in the evening Lewis and I handed out pieces of our wedding cake, I gave them to the men and Lewis gave them to the women.  This was a Maltese wedding tradition we did which was fun. Then came the DJ.   We all seriously partied the night away everyone was devastated when it was 2pm and time to go back to the hotel.  No one, including us, wanted it to end!  We had comments such as “how will I ever get married now, no one can top this” and “I’m 80 years old and this is the best wedding I have ever been too”.
We feel truly blessed to have found Sarah, her contacts (the florist, the musicians) and have chosen such a beautiful and accommodating venue.  If anyone asked me if it is stressful to organise a wedding I would say no!   Which is down to Sarah Young.  Although I don’t think I will ever get over the fact we will never be able to do our wedding day again, at least I can treasure so fondly the memories it gave us and to Sarah and her team we are eternally grateful.  If I had one wish it would be to do it all over again.


(Email received on 9th August 2011)