Over 1,000 Weddings since 2001.

Whether you are interested in a church wedding, a civil wedding, same sex marriage, on a beach, in a historic venue, big or small, Sarah Young and her team are here to make sure that you and your guests enjoy every minute of your wedding.

You may delegate all the planning to The Wedding Planner – Sarah Young. The Wedding Planner’s aim is to help you say ‘I do’ with the minimum amount of stress. Once you relinquish the planning to us, you’ll experience the freedom to honour your day-to-day commitments without the added stress of having to contend with the hassle of planning a dream wedding. With our help, you’ll sail through all the preparations for your wedding in Malta. We will guide you right up to the moment when you say ‘I do’. Every step of the way we make sure that everything is perfectly organised and we accompany you till the very last minute when all the wedding celebrations are over!


Your Destination Wedding Planner in Malta

Having planned over 1,000 weddings in Malta, Sarah Young and her team will plan your perfect dream wedding in Malta.

Wedding Planner Services

Sarah Young will make sure your special wedding day is perfect!

When you hire the services of Sarah Young as your Wedding Planner you can put your mind at rest and focus on the more important things in life. We take care of those aspects of the wedding planning that you are comfortable delegating to someone you can rely upon.

I will present you with a number of wedding options so that you can make the choices that suit your budget and tastes. My team & I will provide you with the best possible deals from local vendors and suppliers in Malta.

We can assist you not only by dealing with the necessary paperwork for church, civil or same-sex marriages, but by turning all your unique and extraordinary concepts into reality. Whatever specific and creative ideas you have in mind – we will tackle them for you and make your wedding date a once in a lifetime experience that you will gladly cherish forever.

From start to finish we will execute your fantasy wedding into a wonderful reality.
Here is a categorised breakdown of our wedding planner services:

Planning your Luxurious tailor-made Wedding from start to finish.

  • Finding your perfect venue. We have worked with some of the most luxurious venues across the Island. From garden venues to historical castles to 5-star hotels, choose from one of the many sites across Malta to create the perfect setting for your wedding.
  • Selecting caterers. From wedding cakes to buffet dinner to cocktail receptions, our network of culinary experts will develop a custom menu using the freshest and highest quality items.
  • Identifying the right vendors. With over 1,000 planned weddings and events, our team will help you find reliable vendors that will help you save time and money.
  • Floral decor. We will evolve your brief and floral demands into a colour-scheme dream with luxurious arrangements of flowers and floral decorations using Malta’s top florists.
  • Booking professional photographers and videographers. We make sure you have a professional team set up for your wedding, ensuring no beautiful moment is left uncaptured.
  • Music and entertainment. Whether you are after a musical assortment for your church ceremony, civil ceremony or wedding reception, we will help identify and book the perfect artist for your wedding.
  • Wedding transportation. Choose from an exclusive range of wedding cars and other forms of transport.
  • Booking beauticians, makeup artists, and hairdressers. Choose from various professional beauticians, makeup artists and hairdressers to take care of all your beauty needs.

Wedding Administration

  • Budget management. We help you draw up a realistic budget for your wedding. Our extensive network of companies and vendors across Malta help keep costs low.
  • Accommodating your guests. We have long-lasting relationships with a number of hotels where we can get favourable rates for your family and friends whilst attending your wedding in Malta.
  • Meeting with vendors. Our team will meet the vendors on your behalf, attend to details and meet deadlines leading up to your wedding.
  • Coordinating wedding day services. We will be present at all times during the ceremony and at the reception that follows until the very last moments of your special day.

Get a free consultation and proposal within 48 hours for Sarah Young’s wedding planning services for your wedding in Malta. Complete our simple form for a proposal based on your dreams.


With over 1,000 weddings planned since 2001, here are some of the testimonials we have collected over the years that showcase our attention to detail and quality wedding planner services. We care!

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